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EPSO-G group
    Republic of Lithuania
Ministry of Energy


EPSO-G group: FY 2017 income 225.2 mEUR, EBITDA 77.2 mEUR, employees 1 014 


96.6% AB Amber Grid

2018: income 54.3 mEUR, EBITDA 24.6 mEUR, 362 employees.



2018: income 171,0 mEUR, EBITDA 32.0 mEUR, 229 employees.


67% UAB Baltpool

2018: income 903 thousand EUR, EBITDA 232 thousand EUR, 12 employees



2017: income 21.3 mEUR,  EBITDA 462 thousand EUR 369 employees.


100% UAB Get Baltic

2018: income 379 thousand EUR, EBITDA 84 thousand EUR, 3 employees.


2.0% TSO Holding AS


20.36% UAB Duomenų logistikos centras



EPSO-G is a state-owned group of energy transmission and exchange companies. The shareholder rights and obligations of EPSO-G holding are implemented by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania. 

The group consists of a holding company, the transmission system operators managing the infrastructure of electricity and natural gas transmission, the market operators managing natural gas, biofuels and wood exchanges, as well as the company providing the infrastructure maintenance services. 

As of 31 December 2018 EPSO-G group consisted of the holding company EPSO-G, UAB, three direct subsidiaries LITGRID AB, Amber Grid, AB and BALTPOOL, UAB  as well as three indirectly controlled companies TETAS UAB , LITGRID Power Link Service, UAB and GET Baltic, UAB.

The sole shareholder of EPSO-G holding company is the Energy ministry of the Republic of Lithuania  

The main activity of EPSO-G group with  1,005 qualified employees is to ensure uninterrupted, stable electricity transmission via high voltage grids and natural gas transportation via high pressure pipelines and efficient management, maintenance and development of these transmission systems. The Group also manages and develops the biofuels, natural gas and wood trade platforms designed to ensure competition in the market of energy resources and roundwood.

All the companies that are part of  EPSO-G group are responsible for efficient and timely implementation of the projects of energy transmission and exchange infrastructure contributing to the the goals set in the National Energy Strategy and creating a sustainable long-term value for the shareholder – the State of Lithuania, its people and the economy.

In line with the goals set  in the National Energy Independence strategy and in other legal acts, EPSO-G implements strategic tasks of developing the country’s gas and electricity infrastructure, integrates domestic infrastructure into EU energy markets with focus on the Energy Union objectives.


Litgrid AB is the designated operator of Lithuania's electricity transmission system. The company maintains stable operation of the national power system, controls electricity flows and enables competition in an open domestic electricity market. Litgrid is responsible for integrating  national power system into the European power infrastructure and electricity market. The company runs strategic electricity cross-border links NordBalt (Lithuania-Sweden) and LitPol Link (Lithuania-Poland).

The mission of the company: transmitting electricity across European markets, creating value to the society.

Litgrid AB is in charge of  7 029 kilometers of high voltage (330 kV and 110 kV grids) lines and of 236 transformer substations and switchgears.


AB Amber Grid is the designated operator of Lithuania’s natural gas transmission system and is in charge of transmission of natural gas via high pressure pipelines to system users. The company operates, maintains  and developms the natural gas transmission system. 

The gas transmission system operated by AB Amber Grid is comprised of gas transmission pipelines, gas compressor stations, gas metering and distribution stations, cathodic protection installations, as well as data transmission and telecommunications systems.

Customers of AB Amber Grid are large companies (power plants, district heating plants and industrial companies) as well as medium sized companies operating in Lithuania and gas supply companies, to which AB Amber Grid renders natural gas transmission services. The company implements the project of the gas interconnection between Poland and Lithuania (GIPL) and actively takes part  in the creation of the single gas market in the Baltic region. Amber Grid holds 66 per cent of shares of the Lithuania's natural gas exchange operator UAB GET Baltic.

The company operates 65 gas distribution stations  and two gas compressor stations  and  2 115 km gas transmission pipelines.



BALTPOOL, UAB  is the designated operator of the Lithuania's  energy exchange assigned to organise and administrate trading systems of solid biofuel products and round wood. It  acts as the administrator of public service obligations' (PSO) funds and is in charge of collection, payouts and administration of PSO funds.

The mission of  BALTPOOL, UAB  is to provide efficient and competitive exchange floor to market participants.

BALTPOOL, UAB shareholders are the state controlled energy companies UAB EPSO-G and AB Klaipėdos Nafta. 


Last updated: 05-02-2020