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Competence management policy

EPSO-G is aiming to create a group of companies that is focused to implement goals set in the shareholder’s expectation letter and provided in the group's strategy in efficient and timenly manner. The appropriate skills and capacities of managers and employees are needed for this purpose.

The goal  of the Policy of Competence Management is to identify the groups of competences necessary for successful implementation of the strategy and the conduct that would direct the employees towards acquisition and development of capacities necessary for organization and professional success.

The totality of such skills and manners forms the model of EPSO-G competences that is applied to distinguish strategically important competences, to assess them and to determine their improvement and development directions.

The competences that form the model are based on the strategy of EPSO-G group, its strategic goals and organizational skills necessary to implement the goals:

  • efficient  and cooperating structures that exchange information and knowledge expeditiously;
  • advanced and creative organizational culture open to changes and innovations;
  • competent management systems of human resources and work environment inducing professional growth;
  • experience and knowledge of employees of high qualification integrated on the group’s level;
  • foreseeing of future tendencies and changes and ability to assess them quickly;
  • leadership skills needed for future;
  • making of penetrative, complex, innovative, fast and qualitative decisions.
Last updated: 28-01-2019