Disclosure and communication policy

EPSO-G believes that reliable, comparable and timely public information as well as open internal communication reinforce stakeholder supervision and operational discipline. This encourages EPSO-G to work more efficiently, properly manage the operation and project related risks, and focus on building a good corporate reputation.

It is therefore EPSO-G’s disclosure and communication policy is designed to ensure an open and trasparent dialogue within the group and with external stakeholders: the public, the shareholder, market regulators, etc.

In the context of this policy, the concept of disclosure is understood as a commitment of EPSO-G to present  information in a comprehensible and accessible form, that would become a reliable instrument  for the stake-holders in assessing the organization’s present performance and outlook.

The policy defines the scope, principles and responsibilities of publicly and internally disseminated information.


Last updated: 01-04-2021