Donation policy

The donation policy of EPSO-G is closely linked to the five-year strategic business objectives, corporate values and the approach: provided donations shall  be made public, shall not cast any doubts to the stakeholders on its appropriateness and the transparency of the donation granting process.

EPSO-G is a state-owned company; therefore, one of its most important responsibilities is to pay dividends to the shareholder which distributes them according to the necessary public needs through the national budget. For this reason, in order to achieve the objectives set out in the EPSO-G strategy, the group companies will only provide donations for the purposes that are defined in the policy.

Donation focus:

  • to develop cooperation with the communities in close proximity to where the group companies conduct their activities or implement projects. Another area of donation is education, support for the students of universities and other higher-education programmes, closely related to the professional activities of the companies.
  • By contributing to the achievement of goals important to the society or local community, the EPSO-G group companies will encourage voluntary unpaid engagement of their employees in charitable activities. Group companies already have traditions of volunteering, for example, their employees voluntarily plant trees, participate in blood donation and other activities beneficial for the society or local community.
  • The common policy of all group companies sets forth that donations can be given in the areas of education, culture, sports, social services, healthcare or other welfare areas based on four principles: compliance with operational objectives, transparency and impartiality, equality, and combination of confidentiality and publicity.
  • EPSO-G group companies shall  not donate to political parties and shall not fund political campaigns, also  the activities that promote or are related to gambling or similar kind of games, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or other intoxicating materials, and for other activities that have or may have a negative impact on the society.


The companies of  EPSO-G group extended no finacial donations in 2017-2020


Last updated: 21-04-2021