Project management policy

EPSO-G's project management policy is designed to ensure timely, high-quality and efficient implementation and monitoring of projects, to promote the integration and centralization of projects, programs and project portfolios, and to standardize common project management principles within the group to maximize the benefits of investment portfolios.

Project management policy is based on best international practices of  project, program and portfolio management.

The key provisions of the policy address:

  • an integrated approach to project management in EPSO-G group,
  • the involvement of top management,
  • responsibilities for control, decision-making, implementation and self-monitoring, resource management,
  • standardized indicators for the management of projects, programs and project portfolios.,
  • information management and provision,
  • best practices of portfolio and program management,,
  • types of projects,
  • project management methods: Waterfall, Agile, Hybrid,
  • project resource and strategic project management,
  • ways of exchanging know-how  on project management and continuous improvement.


Last updated: 06-04-2021