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Remuneration policy

EPSO-G remuneration policy is aimed at proper management of corporate salary expenses and creating incentives to staff linking the remuneration to the achievement of the targets set for the company and personal input of each individual employee.

The key  principles of the employee remuneration policy:

  • The remuneration fund and policy are approved by company's Board. The EPSO-G  Nomination and remuneration Committee makes sure  the remuneration policy is in line with the good governance practices, is transparent and  the control of salary expenses and the motivation of employees duly performing their duties is ensured.
  • In line with the best t international practice, the remuneration to EPSO-G staff is comprised of fixed salary and variable part.
  • The fixed amount of the salary is linked to the level of responsibility of a position, which is determined according to the methodology recognised and applied in international practice.
  • The variable amount of the salary is payable only when individual targets set during the annual evaluation are achieved, and the company reports to the board on the achievement of its annual targets. It shall not  exceed 20-30 percent of the fixed amount of the remuneration.
  • This allows the EPSO-G group  to fairly reward employees who achieve and exceed expectations based on the average market values.


Last updated: 28-01-2019