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Guidelines for Scientific Research, Experimental Development and Innovative Activities

All companies are forced to reconsider their performance strategies in the face of rapidly changing business and social environment, users’ needs and digitalization, stricter environmental protection requirements, development of renewable energy resources, and climatic changes. Innovations serve as one of the means that help the companies to adjust to the changes of  business environment, to make activities more effective, to use the available resources more rationally, to search for new opportunities in  the market, and to present new products, goods and services to the users and thus to preserve own competitiveness and to secure continuity of activities. Research, though, are an integral part of the process to create innovations.

The energy sector also experiences big changes, so innovations are also of big significance there. Competitiveness, reliability, reduction on impact of climatic changes and air pollution and participation of domestic business in pursuit of energy progress were named as main implementation directions of the renewed National Energy Independence Strategy approved in 2018. The group of companies EPSO-G may contribute to implementation of such objectives.

Therefore, the group EPSO-G follows the Guidelines of Scientific Researches, Experimental Development and Innovative Activities (hereinafter GSREDIA) in order to ensure continuity, effectiveness, competitiveness of the activities of the group of companies, creation of competitive conditions, significant contribution into implementation of the National Energy Independence Strategy, and creation of added value to the society through researches, innovations and new solutions.

The guidelines determine common concepts of scientific researches, experimental development, innovations and innovative activities applicable to the entire group EPSO-G, common performance directions and priorities of GSREDIA, classification principles and recommendations for operators of transmission system regarding funds attributable to the GSREDIA activities not covered by the regulated activities.


Last updated: 28-01-2019