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Prevention of corruption policies

EPSO-G needs the trust of those inside and outside the organization in order to achieve its strategic and tactical goals. It is therefore important to us that everything we do withstand the light of the day.

EPSO-G does not tolerate any manifestation of corruption based on national legislation and topped by voluntary commitments as set in Corruption Prevention Policy. It sets forth the main principles and requirements for the prevention of corruption in the EPSO-G group, along with the guidelines on how to ensure compliance with them:

  • we apply proportional anti-corruption procedures based on risk assessment;
  • we carry out regular assessments of corruption-related risks;
  • we plan and apply measures necessary to reduce corruption risks;
  • we monitor the efficiency of anti-corruption activities and, if necessary, adjust or introduce more effective measures;
  • we urge employees to notify of any reprehensible action at their work place;
  • the CEOs of the group are in charge for the implementation of anti-corruption measures and personally act as a role model for example to the employees.

EPSO-G’s  definition of corruption includes offering and acceptance of inappropriate privileges, bribery through intermediaries, inappropriate influence when favouring relatives, spouses or friends, as we want to make en sure that our decisions are not influenced by any form of personal gain or benefit.

We invite to contact us by e-mail [email protected] regarding any violations of legislation or standards of conduct, bribery, conflicts of interest, nepotism or any other reprehensible action in any company of EPSO-G group. 

The notification is sent to [email protected]  e-mail box to which only the group Risk management and prevention officer has access. The officer will treat this information with confidentiality.

Employees are protected against reprisals resulting from for such notifications.


Last updated: 08-06-2020