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EPSO-G holding company, in charge of the infrastructure of energy transmission systems and gas, biofuel and wood trade platforms, is in the process of implementation of its strategy which defines the most important operating strands and sets financial objectives and tasks for the group in line with goals set in the shareholder's Letter of expectations.

The individual elements of the strategy are interconnected by the EPSO-G brand promise of energy evolution - a qualitative transformation of sector  based on operational efficiency, security of energy supply, the functioning of internal energy market, solidarity between the EU states, sustainability and competitiveness.

The strategy identifies four key operational strends at which we will concentrate our efforts, i.e.  regional development and  the successfull implementation of  strategic projects, a sustainable growth of the group of companies and a long-term benefit for the shareholders; operating efficiecy as well as the establishment of the innovative,creative and modern organisation. 

Strategic strands:

  • The development of regional activities and ensuring of the success of strategic projects – the objective is to integrate Lithuania's electricity and gas infrastructure with European power grids and gas pipelines, to expand market geography and to create preconditions for the formation of competitive energy prices. 
  • A sustainable growth of the group of companies and a long-term benefit for the shareholders – a common pursuit that combines the other strands to implement the strategic projects in a timely manner, to operate in efficient manner and to ensure a long-term benefit for the shareholders.
  • Efficient and innovative activities – the strand providing a continuous making of activities more efficient which will allow optimal allocation of available resources, to improve the quality of the services rendered (products sold), to ensure a high-quality management of processes and to reduce operating costs, to create added value for energy consumers and to create additional benefit for the shareholders. This starnd also includes the implementation of the objectives related to the increase of efficiency of energy use that at the level of the European Union are posed for Lithuania and at the national level are posed for the companies of the group by choosing the most appropriate structure and means.
  • The creative and modern organisation –  to create an efficient, competent organisation where the activity is based on common corporate values, the strengths of the individual companies of the group are concentrated, the synchronous activities are carried out in the group creating a harmonious working environment. Our aim is as follows: to ensure that the internal environment of the group would encourage engagement of the employees so that  the companies would operate in a flexible manner and the decisions are taken fast to respond to the changing situation.
Last updated: 10-06-2019