Algirdas Juozaponis, the Chair of the Board of LITGRID AB, decided to leave EPSO-G company group

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Algirdas Juozaponis, the Chair of the Board of the Lithuanian energy transmission operator Litgrid, has decided to leave the EPSO-G company group and retire from his position as the Chief Financial Officer of EPSO-G, starting from January 2023. Mr. Juozaponis will continue his office as a Chair of the Board of Litgrid until the selection is completed and the new member of the Board takes up their duties.

On Friday, EPSO-G announced the selection for the position of the delegated member of the Board of the parent company.

‘After seven years of interesting and meaningful work in EPSO-G, including four years on the boards of strategic national companies belonging to the Group, I decided to take my experience outside EPSO-G. I thank my colleagues in the Group companies and on their boards for their dedicated work together on projects to strengthen energy independence’, said Juozaponis.

According to Mindaugas Keizeris, the CEO of EPSO-G, Mr. Juozaponis made a major contribution to the Group's sustainable financial management, this year for the first time in the Baltics with the issuance of sustainability-related bonds, ensuring transparent and efficient public procurement.

EPSO-G will also announce the selection for the position of the Chief Financial Officer in the nearest future.

The Board of Litgrid, which started its work in 2020, currently has 4 members elected for a 4-year term.

Last updated: 02-12-2022