EPSO-G launches selection of “Amber Grid” and “Litgrid” Board members

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The energy transmission and exchange company group EPSO-G has opened up the selection process for members of the boards of Amber Gridand Litgrid. Amber Gridis looking for a Board member nominated by the parent company in the area of innovation and green transformation competences, while Litgridis looking for an independent Board member in the area of technological innovation competences.

Board members are to be elected by the end of the terms of the current “Amber Grid” and “Litgrid” boards on 20 April 2024. The deadline for accepting documents from candidates to the boards is 16 March 2023.

The selection of “Litgrid’s” independent Board member is carried out by a selection committee composed of representatives of EPSO-G, the Ministry of Energy and the Governance Coordination Centre (GCC), with the assistance of experts from the executive search agency “AIMS International Lietuva”. The selection of the “Amber Grid’s” Board member delegated by the parent company EPSO-G is the responsibility of EPSO-G’s Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

The members nominated by the parent company are selected from the employees of the EPSO-G group of companies.

The boards of “Amber Grid” and “Litgrid” are composed of 5 members elected for a four-year term: EPSO-G delegates, two independent board members and one civil servant board member.

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Last updated: 27-02-2023