Infobalt and EPSO-G Join Forces in the Development of Smart Energy

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Lithuanian digital technology association Infobalt and a group of energy companies EPSO‑G have set up the EnergyTech Digital group to promote the wider use of digital technologies in the energy sector. Educational institutions, energy and IT companies, which have started to work more closely together, plan to explore the opportunities and needs of the energy sector in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and open data technologies in the near future, and to identify the areas with the greatest potential.

Leading energy and information technology (IT) companies, as well as educational institutions, are already members of the EnergyTech Digital group: EPSO-G, Litgrid, Ignitis Group, Enefit, Blue Bridge Code, CGI Lithuania, IBM Lithuania, INVL Technology, Microsoft Lithuania, Novian, TietoEvry Lithuania, Oracle Lithuania, Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH), Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Vilnius University, partner – Intelligent Energy Lab. The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania also participates as an honorary member.

“Transport, accommodation, and logistics – digital technologies have transformed these areas, creating entirely new business models and reducing the cost of services. The same is true for the energy sector, where the number of consumers, who are also energy producers, is growing rapidly. The number of small energy storage facilities and the use of electric transport will also increase. EnergyTech Digital is a way to look for common points of contact and turn those points of contact into innovative and globally competitive solutions,” says Infobalt CEO Mindaugas Ubartas.

EnergyTech Digital will bring together energy and information technology companies and experts from the country’s leading universities in a close community. It will act as a bank of innovative ideas and a centre of exportable competencies, which will provide opportunities to share insights and experiences within the community, to find solutions to pressing problems, both in the form of consultancy, pilot projects, workshops, and hackathons,” emphasises EPSO-G CEO Rolandas Zukas.

Lithuania’s target to create a clean, reliable, smart and competitive energy sector is not possible without the deep integration of digital technologies into the energy sector. Increasing the number of prosumers, developing small, clean local production and energy storage facilities, electrifying transport, and making consumption more efficient all require a well-coordinated system that responds dynamically to change. New solutions are needed to create it. We hope that the EnergyTech Digital group will provide impetus and that the Ministry of Energy will contribute its insights to its activities,” says Žilvinas Danys, Head of the Innovations Group of the Ministry of Energy.

The experts working in the group will collaborate on the development of solutions related to smart energy grids, energy storage and generation facilities, blockchain technologies, the use of artificial intelligence and IoT technologies in wind energy and asset management, as well as in the areas of cyber-, information-, and physical protection of facilities, energy data disclosure and energy trading.

The initiators of EnergyTech Digital emphasise that the group will aim to benefit all its members: will help energy companies solve pressing problems, start-ups and IT companies discover new niches and business models, and educational institutions to identify new areas of applied research.


Last updated: 16-11-2021