Ramūnas Papinigis becomes the new Head of Tetas

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On Friday, Ramūnas Papinigis was appointed CEO of the energy infrastructure development and maintenance company Tetas, assuming his post on July 11. Until then, the company will be led by its Interim Head Tomas Urmanavičius.

For the last two years R. Papinigis has worked as Managing Director of the waste management company Ekonovus, and before that he was the Head of the Infrastructure, Wholesale and Transport departments of Kesko Senukai Lithuania, and the Transport and Technical Departments of Maxima LT. He holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Engineering from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Vilnius Tech).

‘Ramūnas takes the lead of the company at an important time for Tetas and the EPSO-G Group as it enters a new phase of its operations with the launch of the implementation of the Group's Strategy 2030, which was approved last year. Our goal for the new CEO is to build a smarter, more flexible and digitised organisation, increasing its productivity and expanding into new business segments’, said Ieva Kuodė, Interim Chair of the Board of Tetas. 

Tetas, which is a part of the EPSO-G company group, is currently implementing the development of synchronisation projects with the grids of continental Europe, which are of great importance to the energy independence of the country. The company is also one of the contractors used by EPSO-G to build a physical barrier at the border with Belarus.

Once Papinigis takes the lead of the company in July, Urmanavičius will continue his work in the Board of Tetas, where he had suspended his work taking the post of an interim Head of the company. 

The EPSO-G group of companies consists of the management company EPSO-G, five directly owned subsidiaries Amber Grid, Baltpool, Energy cells, Litgrid and Tetas, and the indirectly controlled GET Baltic. The rights and obligations of the sole shareholder of EPSO-G are exercised by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania.

Last updated: 14-06-2022