Selection of EPSO-G Board members for a new term of office launched

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The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania has announced the selection of members to the Board of the energy transmission and exchange group EPSO-G for a new term of office. Three independent board members and two civil servants will replace the current board, whose term of office expires on 20 March this year.

This selection process is aimed at selecting independent members of the Board with competences in the areas of finance and investment, strategy and business development, as well as infrastructure and technological transformation. The Board members – civil servants will need to have knowledge of the implementation of the National Energy Independence Strategy (NEIS) and the oversight of the country’s strategic energy projects, as well as of the energy market, regulation and transmission activities.

The Board of EPSO-G, which began its four-year term of office in March 2019, is currently composed of the independent members Robertas Vyšniauskas and Gediminas Almantas, the Head of the Energy Security Group of the Ministry of Energy Dainius Bražiūnas and the Head of the Law and Personnel Group of the Ministry of Energy Tomas Daukantas.

The candidates are invited to apply by 22 January. The agency Emplonet will assist in selecting the independent members of the Board.

The information on the fields of competence of the Board members, the requirements and selection procedures applicable to candidates, the advertisements for the selection of Board members and the selection descriptions are available here.

EPSO-G group consists of the management company EPSO-G, the companies Amber Grid, Baltpool, Energy cells, Litgrid and Tetas, and the indirectly controlled GET Baltic. The rights and obligations of the sole shareholder of EPSO-G are implemented by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania.

Last updated: 03-01-2023