The second stage of the installation works of the physical barrier along the border with Belarus has begun

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On Tuesday, EPSO-G Group representatives presented the progress of the ongoing works at the border to the Commission for the Supervision of the Project of the Physical Barrier at the Border with Belarus headed by the Prime Minister.

Implementing the Project of the physical barrier at the border, the EPSO-G Group has started the construction works of the second stage. More than 120 workers are already mobilised in border areas of approximately 400 km that are divided into four stages. They are installing the concertina pyramid, preparing building areas, and taking care of the supply of the materials. As in the first stage of the project, the construction of the physical barrier was started with the installation of the concertina pyramid. Later, segments of the fence will be installed next to it. The whole physical barrier will be installed until September of the next year.

Two sections of the second stage - southern section of about 100 km and northern section of about 70 km - will be installed by companies “Kauno tiltai” and “Alkesta”, working under a joint venture agreement. A concertina and fence of about 100 km will be installed in the southeastern section by company “Brosta”, while company “Tetas” of the EPSO-G Group will install concertina and fence in the eastern section of about 100 km. At the beginning of December, these companies have signed contracts with EPSO-G responsible for the implementation of the project.

In the coming days, the installation works of the concertina pyramid will be finished at the physical border areas of the first stage. EPSO-G subsidiary “Tetas” has currently mobilised more than 200 workers at the border.  In the most vulnerable areas along the border with Belarus, less than 10 km of concertina pyramid is left to be installed. Next to it, currently, the segments of the fence are being built. The whole physical barrier in the most vulnerable areas of about 100 km is planned to be finished by the end of April of 2022.

In the most important areas along the border with Belarus, more than 140 km of concertina pyramid is already installed. This includes the concertina installed in accordance with the project implemented by EPSO-G, as well as the barrier previously installed by soldiers and firefighters.

When installing the physical barrier along the border with Belarus, firstly, the concertina pyramid made of 5 or 6 spirals is installed. Next to the concertina, segments of the fence are being installed on the Lithuanian side. Made in accordance with SBGS requirements, segments of the fence that are adapted to adverse climatic events and soil impact are mounted to poles secured in the ground. At the top of the fence, a concertina spiral is attached. The full height of the fence with the spiral is 4 metres.

The Project Supervision Commission is chaired by the Prime Minister. The Commission is composed of the Ministers of the Interior, Energy, National Defence, Environment and Finance, the SBGS Commander, the Head of the State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate under the Ministry of Environment, and a representative of the EPSO-G Group implementing the Project.

Photo of EPSO-G.

Last updated: 29-12-2021