GIPL: gas interconnection between Poland and Lithuania (2021)

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Information about the project

  • Length: 534 km (including 177 km in the territory of Lithuania);
  • Created capacities will allow transporting about 27 TWh (2.4 billion m3) of gas to the Baltic states per year, the reverse flow to Poland could comprise up to 19 TWh (1.7 billion m3) per year;
  • Planned start of operations: 2019;
  • Project value: EUR 558 million.

More information about the project:


  • To integrate isolated gas markets of the Baltic States into the common market of the EU;
  • To diversify the gas supply sources.
  • The project will provide access to various gas supply markets – German, Polish, Czech, Slovakian;
  • To ensure the safety and reliability of natural gas supply;
  • To establish a framework for a competitive regional gas market;
  • To create an opportunity to apply energy solidarity mechanisms between the EU member states;
  • To create a platform for the formation of the EU energy union.
Last updated: 10-03-2023