Three new Board members proposed for Amber Grid

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The Annual General Meeting of Amber Grid on 30 April will vote on the proposed new members of the company's Board. Peter Loof Health and Alexander Feindt are proposed as independent members of the Board of Directors of Amber Grid until the end of the term of office. The parent company EPSO-G proposes to elect Darius Kašauskas as a new member of the Board and to re-elect Paulius Butkus as a member of the Board. It is also proposed to approve the nomination of Karolis Švaikauskas, a civil servant, who is currently a member of the Board of Amber Grid.

Peter Loof Health, who is proposed as an independent Board member, has competences in digitalization and energy industry transformation in both the public and private sectors. He has held key positions in strategy, finance and digital technology at the Danish energy company Ørsted (formerly DONG Energy). managing a strategic automation program at Falck, a global provider of healthcare and emergency services.

"I am committed to the goal of transforming Lithuania's energy industry, and I am eager to apply my experience with business transformation and digitalisation from the Danish energy sector. My vision for Amber Grid is to become recognised as an innovative and environmentally-friendly gas infrastructure company that connects customers and suppliers of gas and helps shape Europe energy future," says Peter Loof Health.

Alexander Feindt, who is also proposed as an independent Board member, has extensive international experience in the energy, renewables, gas, maritime and transport industries. He has worked for Shell, MAN Energy Solutions, served as Chairman of the Board of the Maritime LNG Platform in Germany and as Chairman of the Board of the Renewable and Low-Carbon Fuels Industry Alliance.

"As a board member at Amber Grid, I will be dedicated to integrating renewable energy solutions, such as hydrogen, to enhance Lithuania's energy security and sustainability. My focus is on transforming our business to adapt to the evolving industry landscape, ensuring that we remain leaders in a climate-friendly economy. Together, we will build a future-ready infrastructure that meets the needs of tomorrow," says Alexander Feindt.

Darius Kašauskas, Head of Finance and Operational Planning at EPSO-G Group, has been appointed to the Amber Grid Board. Two members of the previous Board, Paulius Butkus, Head of Development and Innovation at EPSO-G, and Karolis Švaikauskas, Head of the Energy Competitiveness Group at the Ministry of Energy, have also been nominated to the company's board.

In total, the Board of Directors of Amber Grid will be composed of 5 members elected for a 4-year term: two members delegated by the parent company EPSO-G, two independent directors and one civil servant.

Last updated: 26-04-2024