Public procurement

EPSO-G seeks to conduct public procurement efficiently and transparently to ensure fair competition during the process. For this purpose, the market is consulted and good practices of other contracting and supervising authorities are studied and applied. During procurement procedures, EPSO-G unconditionally follows the principles of transparency, equal treatment, non-discrimination, mutual recognition and proportionality.

Procurement are carried out by procurement organisers assigned by the CEO of EPSO-G for low value procurement, and by the Public Procurement Commission for simplified and international procurement consisting of:

  • Megana Margytė-Maksimiak, Chief Procurement Officer,
  • Romas Zienka, Chief Risk Management and Prevention Officer,
  • Neringa Paulauskaitė, Head of Procurement Projects.

Procurement organisers and members of the Public Procurement Commission declare private interests to the Chief Official Ethics Commission. The information is available publicly.

In order to ensure greater economic benefit, lower operating costs and risk management of potential conflicts of interest, companies of EPSO-G group follow the common procurement recommendations by organising some of the procurements jointly and sharing their knowledge and best practices.

The recommendations include:

  • the objectives and principles of coordinated procurement;
  • the procurement coordination process;
  • the main stages of planning and organising coordinated procurement.

On this website, you are welcome to get more information on:

  • planned procurements, announced winners and procurement contracts to be made,
  • the technical specification projects of planned procurements,
  • information on awarded public procurement contracts.

You are welcome to find out more about the procurements carried out through the Central Public Procurement Information System

EPSO-G Group’s sustainable activities are oriented towards the implementation of the energy sector transformation by ensuring a balance between environmental, social, and economic goals, thereby contributing to the creation of a climate-neutral economy. The Group is responsible for the smooth implementation of strategic energy projects significant to the State of Lithuania, guided by the highest standards of environmental protection, business ethics, transparency, employee health, and safety. The Group expects its Suppliers to comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and licenses, as well as to follow the principles set out in this Supplier Code of Conduct, which will become the basis not only for constructive cooperation but also for greater progress in the field of sustainability.

EPSO-G Supplier Code of Conduct

Last updated: 23-01-2023