LitPol Link, the power link between Lithuania and Poland (2015)

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Information about the project

  • High-voltage, 500 MW 400 kV power line from Ełk to Alytus.
  • The length of the overhead electricity line: 163 km. 51 km of the line pass through Lithuania, in Alytus and Lazdijai districts, and 112 km pass through Polish territory, through Podlaskie and Warmian-Masurian Voivodeships. 
  • In Alytus substation, one of the most important elements of the link, a direct current insert was built.
  • The planned duration of using the link is 50 years.

More information about the project:


  • to connect the electricity transmission grids of Lithuania and Poland (while strengthening electricity transmission grids in the North-Eastern part of Poland and in the Southern Lithuania);
  • to connect the power system of the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) to the power system of Western Europe;
  • to connect the ring of power transmission systems of the countries of the Baltic Sea region;
  • to strengthen the energy independence of both countries and countries in the region;
  • to expand the opportunities of electricity supply and to strengthen the energy self-sufficiency of the countries;
  • to increase the safety and reliability of electricity supply in the region;
  • to help create an integrated common electricity market of the European Union;
  • to trade in electricity on the common electricity market of the European Union.
Last updated: 06-10-2021