NordBalt, the power link between Lithuania and Sweden (2015)

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Information about the project

  • The construction works of “NordBalt”, the cross-system power link between Lithuania and Sweden, were completed in November 2015.
  • The power bridge of 453 km will have operating power of up to 700 MW – this is equivalent to approximately a half of electricity needs of Lithuanian consumers on a mild winter day.
  • The terminal point in Lithuania is the 330 kV substation in Klaipėda. The terminal point in Sweden is the 400 kV substation in Nybro.
  • Project value comprises EUR 550 million.

More information about the project:


  • This link is an essential condition for the creation of a common electricity market of the Baltic states and the Nordic countries. The power bridge allows Lithuania to purchase electricity from rich countries of Northern Europe where hydro-electricity is very well-developed.
  • This is an alternative import and export channel, which, in conjunction with LitPol Link, another international power link between Lithuania and Poland, helps to avoid dependence on the only electricity supplier in the East.
Last updated: 06-10-2021