Offshore wind parks in the Baltic sea (2023)

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Information about the project

Lithuania's offshore wind parks are among the most important Lithuanian energy independence projects. These projects will significantly increase the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, thus reducing Lithuania's dependence on electricity imports.

The two offshore wind parks, which will begin to operate in 2028 in the part of the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Lithuania in the Baltic Sea near Palanga with a capacity of approximately 1,4 GW, are expected to generate up to 6 TWh of green electricity per year, which would meet up to a half of Lithuania’s current electricity demand. The offshore wind parks are also expected to attract around EUR 3 billion in investments and create at least 1,300 new jobs.

The area of the territory planned for the offshore wind park (Phase I - for the 30 March tender) in the Baltic Sea is approximately 120 km2. The wind park will be about 36 kilometres from the shore.

The area of the territory planned for the offshore wind park (Phase II – for the autumn tender) in the Baltic Sea is approximately 136,39 km2. The wind park will be about 30 kilometres from the shore.


Value created by an offshore wind parks 

  • The offshore wind power plants projects will enable implementation of the main objective of the National Energy Independence Strategy in the field of renewable energy sources: further increasing the share of renewable energy sources in Lithuania's domestic energy production and final energy consumption balance, thereby reducing dependence on fossil fuel imports and increasing domestic electricity production capacity;
  • The offshore wind parks will ensure lower electricity prices for Lithuanian residents and businesses;
  • Wind energy sources are renewable, which means they are inexhaustible;
  • Wind energy does not pollute the air and makes it possible to reduce climate impact.

Benefits for the coastal community

  • It is planned that the budget of nearest city municipality will be annually supplemented by about EUR 3 million, which the parks developer will be obliged to pay from the amount of electricity generated and supplied to the network;
  • The winner tenderers will have to allocate at least EUR 5 million for the purposes of environmental protection in the maritime territory of Lithuania;
  • During the construction and exploitation period, it is planned to create as many as 1.3 thousand new jobs;
  • Not less than 3 percent the construction works of the park will have to be carried out by small and medium-sized enterprises.
Last updated: 09-08-2023