Financial and non financial reports

Letter of shareholder's expectations

The strategic goals, business objectives as well as key performace indicators and standards of EPSO-G group are set in the Letter of expectations of the sole shareholder Energy Ministry as defined by the Resolution No. 665 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

The objectives set for the EPSO-G group derive and correspond to the National Energy Independence Strategy principles: competitiveness, reliability and sustainable development.

Shareholder expectations in brief:

Regional deveopment and ensuring the success of the strategic projects.

The goal is to:

  • integrate the Lithuanian energy transmission systems into the European energy systems, expand the market geography and create preconditions for the formation of competitive energy prices;
  • manage strategic projects, develop gas and biofuel exchange platforms that would be attractive on a regional level, market organisation models and the Baltic balancing services market in the electricity sector and also integrating it into the Nordic market.

Sustainable growth  and long-term benefit for the shareholders

The goal is to operate effectively and ensure long-term benefit to the shareholder:

  • the return on equity is defined  taking into account the regulatory environment, which stipulates that the returns which exceed established limit will be used to reduce the transmission cost to consumers in years to come;
  • ensure stable financial operation and a balanced capital structure by fulfilling the obligations to Lietuvos energija for the acquisition of Litgrid shares within the shortest possible period of time.

Efficient operations

The goal is to implement an efficient  and the best corporate management practice:

  • ensure an effective reporting system of the group companies, optimise the provision of services necessary on group level and the management of their internal processes;
  • optimal allocation of resources, ensuring high-quality management of processes and reducing operating costs.

Developing and progressive organisation

The aim is to create an efficient, competent organisation whose activities would be based on common corporate values:

  • concentrate the strengths of the group companies, act synchronously as a team that creates a sustainable working environment;
  • seek for the group’s corporate culture to promote employee engagement and purposeful action, the companies should operate flexibly and solutions should be made fast in response to a changing situation.
Last updated: 27-05-2019