Financial and non financial reports

Stakeholder dialogue

EPSO-G group assess and seeks to take into account the social and economic interests and expectations of the stakeholders when implementing its strategy objectives.

Each direction of EPSO-G strategic activities is related to one or several stakeholders. The official, partnership or consultative contacts are maintained with the groups or individuals who express their interest in the activities carried out by EPSO-G group. The stakeholders are provided with a comprehensive information related to the activities carried out by the company, except for the cases that are restricted  in EPSO-G policy of Sensitive information.

The companies of the group at least once a year publicly present financial and non-financial activity reports to their stakeholders, i.e. shareholders and social partners.

The companies of the group inform in advance the local communities about the projects carried out in their neighbourhood. During the implementation of the project the time of works is agreed with the locals in order to minimize inconvenience caused to the locals by the works being performed.

In order to assess a quality of the social dialogue with the stakeholders EPSO-G  carries out the survey of the internal and external stakeholders; satisfaction. Based on the conclusions of this survey, the actions to improve the quality of dialogue with the stakeholders are carried out.

The stakeholders having an influence on the success of EPSO-G activities:


Last updated: 12-05-2022