About us


EPSO-G has a key role to play in ensuring Lithuania's smooth and reliable transition to an energy system integrating large amounts of renewable energy sources (RES), enabling the decarbonisation of the sector, initiating interconnection projects, and facilitating the exchange of climate neutral energy.

The EPSO-G Group aims to transform the energy sector by striking a sustainable balance between environmental, social, and economic objectives.

The Group integrates sustainability principles into the operations and processes of all Group companies. As an operator of strategically important energy infrastructure, EPSO-G contributes to the implementation of the climate change and environmental commitments set out in the Paris Agreement, the European Green Deal, the National Energy Independence Strategy, and the National Climate Change Management Agenda. EPSO-G also aims to contribute directly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by focusing on ensuring access to affordable and clen energy, combating climate change, developing modern infrastructure and innovation, safe and decent working conditions, worker well-being and a sustainable supply chain.



Last updated: 10-05-2024