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The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania acting as sole shareholder of EPSO-G holding company on behalf of the state:

  • sets the strategic guidelines and the main strategic directions for  the activity of the EPSO-G group of companies;
  • ensures the proper formation of supervisory and management bodies in the holding company and makes decisions on strategic matters concerning direction of company’s activities;
  • does not take part in day-to-day management of everyday work of the companies of the group. The management in its entirety is carried out through the parent holding company EPSO-G..

The holding company EPSO-G implements the “owner's” function:

  • transfers the guidelines set by the state and makes them more detailed by setting the activity goals and strategy guidelines of each subsidiary company and lower-ranking subsidiary company, established the process of providing information and accountability, sets the activity evaluation framework and  dividends policy;
  • controls the activity of subsidiary companies, collects information and, after summarising it, presents its proposals and recommendations to the authority that represents the State;
  • seeks synergy by jointly coordinating the activities of the group and seeks gradual closer integration of the group.

Subsidiary companies are activity enterprises and, in turn, act as parent companies to lower-ranking subsidiaries. They:

  • carry out daily work  to implement the common goals of the group and the Parent Company;
  • manage / control subordinate lower-ranking subsidiaries to meet common goals of the group  also the goals set to a particular subsidiary company, and act in line withe the strategic guidelines set by the holding;
  • act independently to organise the activity of controlled companies.


Last updated: 06-01-2023