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Audit Committee

The members of the  Audit Committee of EPSO-G are appointed for a four-year term of office by the sole shareholder‘s AGM decision taking into account recommendations of the Remuneration and Appointment Committee. The uninterrupted term of office of  any of the three-member  Audit Committee shall not exceed two consecutive terms.

The beginning of the term of office of the currently operating Audit Committee of EPSO-G  is 12 September 2016. Two members of the Audit Committee are independent.

. Audit Committee meets every month of the year.

The Audit Committee of EPSO-G:

  • carries out the monitoring of the preparation and auditing of the financial statements of the Group‘s companies;
  • is responsible for the ensuring of the observance of the independence and objectivity principles by the auditors of the Group‘s companies and of audit companies;
  • is responsible for the monitoring of effectiveness of the internal control of the Group‘s companies, risk management and internal audit systems, activity processes;
  • is responsible for the control of provision of non audit services by the auditor of the Group‘s companies and/or audit company.

Members of EPSO-G Audit Committe provide declaration of interests to Lithuania's Chief Official Ethics Commisssion 

Statute of EPSO-G audit committee


Gediminas Šiušas

Chairman of Audit Committee

Gediminas Šiušas on Linked In

G. Šiušas has no sharegoldings in EPSO-G group.



Robertas Vyšniauskas

Independent member

Robertas Vyšniauskas on Linked In 

R. Vyšniauskas  has no shareholdings in EPSO-G group.


Gediminas Karalius

Member of the Audit Committee

Energy ministry official

G. Karalius has no shareholdings in companies of EPSO-G group.


Last updated: 16-04-2019