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Audit Committee

The members of the Audit Committee of EPSO-G are appointed for a four-year term of office by the sole shareholder‘s AGM decision taking into account recommendations of the Remuneration and Appointment Committee. The uninterrupted term of office of any of the three-member  Audit Committee shall not exceed two consecutive terms. The beginning of the term of office of the currently operating Audit Committee is 22nd of October 2020. Two members of the Audit Committee are independent. Audit Committee meets every month of the year.

The Audit Committee of EPSO-G:

  • carries out the monitoring of the preparation and auditing of the financial statements of the Group‘s companies;
  • is responsible for the ensuring of the observance of the independence and objectivity principles by the auditors of the Group‘s companies and of audit companies;
  • is responsible for the monitoring of effectiveness of the internal control of the Group‘s companies, risk management and internal audit systems, activity processes;
  • is responsible for the control of provision of non audit services by the auditor of the Group‘s companies and/or audit company.

Members of Audit Committe provide declaration of interests to Lithuania's Chief Official Ethics Commisssion.


Gediminas Šiušas

Chairman of Audit Committee


Gediminas Šiušas on LinkedIn

G. Šiušas has no shareholdings in EPSO-G group.



Robertas Vyšniauskas

Independent member


Robertas Vyšniauskas on LinkedIn 

R. Vyšniauskas has no shareholdings in EPSO-G group.


Tomas Daukantas 

Member of the Committee


Head of Law and Personnel Group of Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania.

T. Daukantas has no shareholdings in companies of EPSO-G group


Last updated: 11-11-2022