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The fully state-owned EPSO-G holding's governance structure consists of the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board and the Management represented by Chief Executive Officer.

The five-member Board with at least three independent members, is elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders represented by the sole shareholder Ministry of Energy.

The Board supervises the performance of the EPSO-G holding company, its management and organization on behalf of the shareholder  and  determines the group's strategy in line with the goals and targets set in the  Shareholder's Letter of Expections.

The Management, represented by Chief Executive Officer, in its turn, has responsibility for the EPSO-G day-to-day operations in efficient, transparent and accountable manner. 

The Board and Management are separate bodies, and no person serves as a member of both.

The Board meets approximately each month of the year.

The Board holds strategy sessions twice a year to assess the implementation progress of goals set by the shareholder. 

The Board of EPSO-G is appointed for four year term which started in March 2019.

The Board of EPSO-G currently consists of four members.   

The statute of EPSO-G Board   




Gediminas Almantas

Chairman of the Board

Independent member

Gediminas Almantas on Linked In

G. Almantas has no shareholdings in companies of EPSO-G group


Robertas Vyšniauskas

Independent member


Robertas Vyšniauskas on Linked In 

R. Vyšniauskas has no shareholdings in companies of EPSO-G group


Tomas Tumėnas

Independent member

           Tomas Tumėnas on Linked In

           T.Tumėnas has no shareholdings in companies of EPSO-G group.


Dainius Bražiūnas 

Member of the Board

           Head of Energy Security Policy Group of Ministry of Energy

D. Bražiūnas has no shareholdings in companies of EPSO-G group.


Gediminas Karalius

Member of the Board

Energy ministry official

Member of Strategic Transitions Management Group, Adviser to the Ministry of Energy

G. Karalius has no shareholdings in companies of EPSO-G group.


Last updated: 18-03-2020