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Employee performance assessment policy

The human resources management policy of the EPSO-G group is focused on developing professional skills of employees and formation of value-adding business culture. Our goal is to make the EPSO-G staff proud of working in an active and honest organisation, where their personal contribution is valued and properly remunerated .

The EPSO-G employee performance assessment policy is an important human resources management tool designed to create a coherent system for assessing employees’ individual targets that helps to manage salary expenses efficiently and creates incentives for employees who are duly performing their duties and exceed expectations.

In the EPSO-G group , individual targets are discussed with each employee and are set annually. Their implementation has a direct impact on the size of the variable amount of remuneration, which also depends on the achievement of the company’s overall business targets.

Objectives of employee performance assessment:

  • to determine unbiased and measurable annual business targets and professional development targets for all employees;
  • to assess the level of success in meeting annual targets set in the past year in line with corporate values;
  • to provide feedback so that employee knows and understands what is expected of him/her and how he/she meets these expectations;
  • to identify the improvements to non-employee-related processes that would help to organise the personal and company-level activities more smoothly;
  • to allocate the share of the company’s salary fund that is intended for employee motivation ac-cording to the achieved business targets;
  • to identify the needs for employee development, their professional and managerial potential, when linking the existing personnel management tools and systems and those planned to be implemented or developed.


Last updated: 28-01-2019