About us

Vision, mission, values

In line with the objectives set by the sole sharehoder  EPSO-G focuses on creation of  an advanced, transparent, effectively managed group of future energy companies providing long-term benefits to shareholders and ensuring secure and reliable energy supply, efficient operation of energy transmission systems and market platforms, and enabling the regional consumers to freely exchange energy and get it at a competitive price whenever it is needed.


EPSO-G vision – a group of future energy efficiently operating in the international space. 

EPSO-G mission – to ensure and create a secure, sustainable and open energy market enhancing the competitiveness of the national economy and the welfare of Lithuania's people. 

Implementation of the mission, pursuit of the vision and all activities of EPSO-G group are based on the fundamental human and professional values: professionalism, cooperation and advancement. 

EPSO-G values:

Professionalism – we strive for every employee in the group to be recognized and be able to grow as a professional in their field of activity. We understand what an important role play professional knowledge, hands-on experience and continuous learning in terms of the results of the group and ensuring continuity of activity. 

Cooperation – we emphasize sincere and constructive cooperation with each other which makes it possible to pursue the goals set in a concerted manner. 

Progress – openness to new business practices and ideas encourages the creation, renewal, implementation of meaningful changes and leads us forward.

The value created by EPSO-G group – a secure, sustainable and competitive energy market.

Secure – energy is transmitted in a secure and reliable manner.

Sustainable – an opportunity to freely exchange energy and get it at a competitive price whenever it is needed.

Competitive – open to the market player and allowing them to choose.

Last updated: 10-06-2019